February 26, 2018



David Misra, Political Director

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Pittsburgh, PA – Dr. Bob Solomon (https://solomon4congress.com) announced today that he will be running for the Democratic nomination in Pennsylvania’s newly drawn 14th Congressional District in southwestern Pennsylvania.

“I’m running for Congress because our healthcare system is broken,” said Dr. Solomon. “Universal access to healthcare will improve the quality of life of every man, woman, and child in the 14th District, and they deserve a representative in Congress who will take the fight to Washington, D.C. on their behalf.”

“I’ve been an emergency physician for 32 years and treated tens of thousands of uninsured and underinsured Americans in hospitals across the 14th District,” continued Dr. Solomon.  “Saving and enhancing lives also requires ending the ‘war on drugs’ by prioritizing treatment and rehabilitation options, lowering prescription drug prices, and using the power of the people to rein in the pharmaceutical industry and their priority on profits.”

The American College of Emergency Physicians supports the campaign, and Clinicians for Progressive Care (https://cliniciansforprogressivecare.com) has also endorsed Dr. Solomon. According to Treasurer Zackary Berger, MD, “Bob Solomon is a nationally recognized leader in health policy advocacy and an expert emergency medicine doctor who has a robust vision for healthcare reform for the benefit of the sick and vulnerable. Supporting him means implementing the policies and values that we strive for as physicians, clinicians, and Americans.”

“Thoughtful debate and dialogue are important, as healthcare and so many of the other issues that concern residents in the 14th District are bipartisan in nature, and we can’t afford to be bogged down by politics,” affirmed Dr. Solomon.  “We all want a robust economy with more and better-paying jobs, safe schools, fair taxes, and an independent energy future, and I look forward to hearing from and working with residents across the political and policy spectrum – I won’t exclude anyone.”

The newly-drawn 14th Congressional District includes Washington, Greene, and Fayette Counties, as well as a portion of Westmoreland County.




FOR MEDIA USE: A press-ready headshot of Bob Solomon for publication can be found HERE